Trampling women
Source: Trampling World
Trampling woman
Source: Under Feet

Trampling refers to the BDSM sexual activity that involves being trampled underfoot by another person or persons. Trampling is common enough to support a sub-genre of trampling pornography.

Because trampling can be used to produce pain, the trampling fetish for some adherents is closely linked to sadomasochistic fetishism.

A similar fetish is to imagine themselves as being tiny under another's feet, or being normal size, but being trampled by a giant person. This is known as "giant/giantess fetishism" or macrophilia. It is not the same as trampling.

The most common form of trampling is done by a female on a male 'submissive' and is usually done barefooted and in shoes, right up to sharp steel heel's where the trampler will walk, jump and stomp on the persons chest, stomach, groin/gentalia, face and in some instances, their neck.

People who have a trample fetish normally find out about it from a early age, most people recall trampling memory's going back to childhood, some as young as 5, The internet is full of trampling clips, and the pay per view industry is big and getting bigger by the day, most site coming out of the USA, but other sites have over the years opened from all around the world,

There are some big names out there, girls and guys modeling in the industry, girls like mistress Destiny from the Usa, and Ladyx from the Uk guys like Strider, and Trampledangel and ammeter sites are opening all the time just like and many others most of the new sites are made from home, with at time husband and wife models, the internet boom as really made trampling a popular fetish, from one once unknown only a few years before.

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