Stuffed animal sex (Plushophile)

The term plushophilia is a neologism consisting of plushie and -philia, and refers to any person who has an attraction towards stuffed animals. This attraction can be sexual — a paraphilia — or non-sexual, depending on the person and plushie involved.[1]

Plushophiles are often linked to the furry fandom due in part to a 2001 article by Vanity Fair that linked various members of the furry community with plushophilia.[2] In addition, plushophiles are sometimes linked with zoophiliacs, also due in part to the Vanity Fair article's interview with Fox Wolfie Galen, who was quoted as saying, "[It was] Usually German shepherds, Labrador retrievers, size-comparable things. It all started because the dog started it. The dog would come and start trying to hump your leg and I'd be like, Wow, that's interesting. I was at that age where I was learning to see what made things work. I don't do it any more."[3]


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