Giant fetish (Macrophilia)

Macrophilia refers to sexual fantasy involving fictitious giants, primarily giant women.[1] Variants include metamorphic fantasies; the diminution of men so that average-sized women appear relatively huge, or more commonly, ordinary women growing to giant size.

Humorist David Sedaris's essay, "Giantess", reprinted in Barrel Fever (1994),[2] describes writing for a magazine specializing in erotic stories about giant women and the particular attention that must be paid to the transformation and tearing of clothes.

Macrophilia also includes fantasies of males being shrunken to heights of only inches, or half the size of normal men, and interacting with normal sized men in homosexual activities, or, normal sized men interacting with giant men of much taller size (but still physically posssible), or hundreds / thousands of feet in size. Some gay men fantasize about having sexual relations with a man much smaller, for example a 6 foot tall man having sexual relations with a much smaller man, or, a normal sized male and a giant man (such as an 8 foot giant and a normal male). Another example is a normal sized male and a 50 foot tall giant male. Most such fantasies involve the smaller man being totally submissive and at the mercy of the bigger male, with the giant penetrating or forcing the smaller male to do his bidding. Also, there are fantasies of the giant male placing the smaller male in his mouth or on /in other areas.


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