Eating sushi from a naked body (Nyotaimori)

Nyotaimori (Japanese: 女体盛り, "female body presentation"), often referred to as "body sushi," is the practice of eating sashimi or sushi from the body of a woman, typically naked. This sexual fetish is a subdivision of food play. As a result of being served on a human body, the temperature of the sushi or sashimi comes closer to body temperature, which some may see as a disadvantage or a benefit[original research?].
Relations with the West

Western media reporting of the phenomenon spreading to the U.S. and Germany severely misrepresents this to the point that it is perceived in Japan as a European meme.[verification needed]

Male platters

Even less common, but not unheard of, is the practice of using a male model for the same purpose. This would be called nantaimori (Japanese: 男体盛り).

Being bound

Another variation of the human platter is the "bondage sushi bar", which can be found in some BDSM conventions and play parties in Britain and in Europe. In this variation, the individual acting as a living sushi plate is tied up to hinder movement or prevent it altogether. Nyotaimori could be considered a form of erotic humiliation.

Procedures for the human platter

Before becoming a living sushi platter, the person is trained to lie down for hours without moving. She or he must also be able to withstand the prolonged exposure to the cold food. Body hair, including pubic hair, would also be shaved, as a display of pubic hair may be seen as a sexual act.

Before service, the individual would take a bath using a special fragrance-free soap and then finish off with a splash of cold water to cool the body down somewhat for the sushi.

In some parts of the world, in order to comply with sanitation laws, there must be a layer of plastic or other material between the sushi and the body of the woman or man. Wrapping a naked person in cling film may also be regarded as a form of fetishism.


While legal in most jurisdictions, the risqué nature of nyotaimori can cause some friction in more conservative societies.


Nyotaimori is currently illegal in China. [1]

Uses in pop culture

  • * In season 4 of The Surreal Life in 2005, Adrianne Curry allowed herself to be a nyotaimori while the rest of the cast ate from her.
  • * In the cartoon series Frisky Dingo, a character eats food displayed on a naked woman's body.
  • * In the target video of Hayamoto Jr in the Hitman 2: Silent Assassin level "Tracking Hayamoto", he is seen consuming food and/or drink from on top of a female with another man.
  • * The song "My Lovely Horse," as featured in the sitcom Father Ted, contains two references to nyotaimori.
  • * Rising Sun had a prominent scene featuring nyotaimori.
  • * On 26 October 1997, the Sunday afternoon show Domingão do Faustão aired by the Brazilian TV network Rede Globo exhibited what as called "sushi erótico" ("erotic sushi"), a depiction of nyotamori. It was a regarded as a desperate measure to counter the escalating audience of Domingo Legal, from SBT, which back then, was Globo's main contestant at that timeslot. It was widely considered "an evidence of the low quality of the Brazilian TV shows." [1]
  • * CSI: NY featured a nyotaimori plot in the fourth episode of its first season ("Grand Master").
  • * A notaimori bar figures prominently in the film Showdown in Little Tokyo.
  • * In Sex and the City, the movie, Samantha puts sushi on her naked body as a Valentines Day surprise for her boyfriend.


1. ^ "The State Administration of Industry and Commerce issued a notice over the weekend banning meals served on naked bodies"


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