Anesthesia fetishism

Anaesthesia fetishism is a sexual fetish for anaesthesia. This may include the sexual attraction to the equipment, processes, substances, effects, environments or situations. Sexual arousal from the desire to administer anaesthetics, or the sexual desire for oneself to be anaesthetized are two forms in which an individual may exist as an arbiter of the fetish. Black rubber masks (such as the Black Beauty) used in the 1960s to administer gaseous anaesthetics to patients prior to surgery is one example of the equipment which may be fetishized.

Acts, behaviour and rituals

Anesthesia fetish is considered edgeplay when realised outside the boundaries of fantasy, and may result in various degrees of harm, or death. Fantasies are elaborated by the viewing of images and reading of stories of anesthetic inductions. Edgeplay may involve obtaining and scening with various anesthesia-related paraphernalia - usually anesthesia masks for breathplay, the acquisition of aneasthetics for anesthetizing others or being anesthetized oneself, and the occupation of a medical setting or environment for the same practice.

Some anesthesia fetishists who seek to be anesthetized may feign or induce medical conditions in an attempt to obtain general anesthesia from medical personnel. This is considered safer than playing with anesthetic agents outside of a medical setting, but may nevertheless be an abuse of all concerned.

Internet influence

The appearance of the Internet has considerably empowered people with this relatively rare paraphilia to discuss the subject and exchange anesthesia-related multimedia.

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