Age fetishes (Chronophilia)

Chronophilia refers to a group of patterns of sexual arousal is associated with age discrepancy between the sexual partners.[1] The term was coined by John Money, from the Greek roots chronos, "time" and philia, "love". The term has not been widely adopted by sexologists, who instead use terms that that refer to the specific age range in question.

Sexual Preferences Based on Age

  • Pedophilia (by definition including nepiophilia) differs from all these conditions in that it is a clinically-recognized disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.[2]
  • Hebephilia refers to a sexual preference for pubescent children. The term was introduced by Glueck (1955).[3]
  • Ephebophilia refers to sexual preference for individuals in mid- to late adolesence.[4]
  • Teleiophilia (from Greek teleios, "full grown") is a term coined by sexologist Ray Blanchard to refer to the sexual interest in adults.[5] It is used primarily by professional sexologists when comparing (for example) pedophiles with teleiophiles. For gender-specific attractions to people in this age range, see gynephilia and androphilia. Alternatively, Janssen uses the term "Peripubescent Teleiophilia" in reference to "crush" phenomenon.[6]
  • Gerontophilia refers to the sexual preference for the elderly.[7]


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